Ocean View is the sole Distributor of Caffé Poli
Caffé Poli born in 1962 and with a longstanding expertise in the art of roasting coffee, and currently recognized a dynamic and modern industry, where the continuous research and development of new products are the starting points of the full satisfaction for its clients.

Superior quality of the products, definitely competitive prices, and maximal offer differentiation to satisfy any needs of taste and market, all together determines their growing success, not only locally, but also internationally.
Tales of Coffee (TOC)
Pouring your heart into each cup of coffee makes an enjoyable journey towards an endless search of a perfect coffee.

The birth of Tales of Coffee is an out breaking success that consumers are relating TOC Beverages to a famous brand. With its very relax environment, well-designed walls and comfortable seating areas, customers have been served with their favorite coffee by well-trained Baristas. Customers are not just being treated by a so-called ‘Total Customer Satisfaction’ thing, but by way of educating those who are still yet to explore the real essence of a Coffee Story. Indeed, this is a story to be told and an experience to be shared. We Serve…and Educate!
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